Elon Musk Says Electric Airplanes Will Be A Thing In Next 5 Years

Elon Musk Slept Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk is often seen on his Twitter feed, making claims and statements we might or might not agree with. This time around, his opinion suggests that electric planes will be flying in the next five years, revolutionizing the aviation world.

In a reply to a Twitter user named @Ninja, Musk said that the idea of electric planes will be a reality in a couple of years as the “battery energy density will improve” by then.

He further explained the scenario stating that Jet A has more energy density than lithium-ion batteries. However, electric motors come with way less weight and have the ability to convert stored energy into motion better than combustion engines.

Here’s a look at the tweets Musk posted:

While many were in awe of what Musk said, there were a bunch of people who began criticizing Musk’s far-fetched vision.

Although Musk’s statements are not always the ones people would like to go by; he is behind the various electric cars by Tesla such as the Model S, the Model Y, and the Model 3, suggesting that the EV-dream will soon become a reality for everyone on this planet.

We still have a couple of years to see how electric planes take shape and whether or not they become feasible.

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