Hey Developers, Now You Can Use Machine Learning Easily With Amazon

amazon machine learning e1572937382553
amazon machine learning e1572937382553

Following the footsteps of Microsoft, Amazon has launched its first product for machine learning service. At the AWS Summit in San Francisco, Amazon Web Services announced a new machine learning platform. Amazon Web Services debuted a service that developers can use to implement machine learning in their applications. Recently, Microsoft announced Azure Machine Learning, which is a service of similar nature.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning teaches a program to learn from the experience and improve their experience. This learning is based on learning the complex patterns and using them to take intelligent decisions. This is achieved by developing intricate algorithms based on computational and statistical concepts. Other concepts used are logic, probability, stats, control theory, pattern recognition, data mining, robotics and more.

Machine learning will help to build smart and data-driven apps that will have the ability to analyze the real-time activities, learning from past and predicting the future.

Amazon Machine Learning uses the same Machine Learning technology that is being used by Amazon’s data scientist community for years. This service looks for the patterns in the existing data and develops a model that is applied on the new data to generate predictions.

Amazon tells that its Machine Learning Service generates billions of predictions each day. Without the use of any software or hardware investment, a developer can start to use the platform for the application development.

What are the benefits of Amazon Machine Learning?

Ability to create models efficiently for Machine Learning.

These Machine Learning models can start predicting outcomes in seconds.

This service is scalable and has high-performance prediction ability.

Amazon Machine Learning service is low cost.

Where Amazon Machine Learning could be used?

Amazon writes that Machine learning could be used for following purposes:

Content personalization

Detection of fraud

Marketing campaigns’ prosperity modelling

Document classification

Churn prediction for customers

Customer support enhanced with automated solutions

Get started for free to use Amazon Machine Learning, click here!

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