5 Best Ad Blockers For Chrome You Can Use In 2020

5 Best Ad Blockers For Chrome You Can Use In 2020

Let’s be honest; advertisements can be incredibly irritating on the internet. Some websites or YouTube videos love to spam you with several ads, which can be incredibly annoying. Well, if you’re someone who knows what we are talking about, then maybe its time for you to use an ad blocker for Chrome.

However, when it comes to selecting an ad block extension, people often get confused about which one to use. And if that’s the case, then don’t worry, because, in this article, we have mentioned some of the best ad blockers for Chrome browser you can use in 2020. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into our list.

Best Ad Block For Chrome

S.NO Best Ad Blockers In 2020 Platforms
1 AdBlock Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, iOS, Android
2 Adblock Plus Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Yandex Browser, iOS, Android
3 Ghostery Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, iOS, Android
4 uBlock Origin Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge
5 AdBlocker Ultimate Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Android, iOS

1. AdBlock

AdBlock Extension for Chrome
AdBlock Extension for Chrome

Hands down, AdBlock is one of the most widely used and the best ad blocker for Chrome in 2020, with over 60 million users worldwide. So it deserves to be on the first spot on this list. Adblock for Chrome automatically blocks pop-up ads, video ads, and even banner advertisements on many popular platforms.

By blocking irritating ads, the Adblock Chrome extension improves the page load time, which in turn helps you save a lot of time. Also, Adblock protects you from ads with malware, scams, and cryptocurrency miners. The most impressive thing about blocking ads with Adblock is that it allows you to replace ads with pictures of cats, dogs, or beautiful landscapes.

Most importantly, Adblock for Chrome lets you whitelist the websites you consider safe. That way, you help create a healthy environment for yourself and the websites.

Platforms: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, iOS, Android

Why Use AdBlock?

  1. Available for popular desktop browsers, including Safari and Firefox
  2. Blocks malware and trackers
  3. Increases page load speed by blocking ads

Why Not To Use AdBlock?

  1. Sometimes, it doesn’t block all ads.

2. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free ad blocker for Chrome that works exactly like the first one we mentioned in the list. It is considered one of the best ad blockers for Chrome in 2020 that allows you to browse the web more safely.

AdBlock Plus enables users to block banner, video, and other types of ads on websites such as YouTube, Twitch, etc. Also, if there’s a website that follows specific rules that gain your trust, then you can whitelist such sites using AdBlock Plus. In short, you’ll be in the control of the ad blocker at all times.

As we’ve already mentioned that AdBlock Plus is a free Chrome extension, it offers you free service in case you run into a problem.

Some users have reported that, on a few occasions, AdBlock Plus doesn’t block all, but only some ads. Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny that AdBlock Plus is one of the most trustworthy ad blockers out there in 2020.

Platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Yandex Browser, iOS, Android

Why Use AdBlock Plus?

  1. Available for almost every browser.
  2. Blocks every add provided the extension and the browser is updated

Why Not Use AdBlock Plus?

  1. Consumes a lot of ram and processing power

3. Ghostery

Ghostery ad blocker for Chrome
Ghostery ad blocker for Chrome

Ghostery is somewhat unique when compared to other ad blockers for Chrome we’ve already discussed. Ghostery allows you to block trackers on websites that harvest your personal information, which can be pretty useful.

Interestingly, this ad blocker for Chrome shows you all types of ads and trackers when you visit a page. It allows you to study the ins and outs of a webpage to figure if its safe for you or not. And if the page doesn’t seem safe, you can manually disable each type of ads and trackers, which is an option that doesn’t come with other ad blockers.

The only negative thing about Ghostery is that sometimes it injects its own ads while blocking ads from other advertisers. Other than that, Ghostery is one of the best ad blockers you can opt for in 2020.

Platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, iOS, Android

Why Use Ghostery?

  1. Best ad blocker to block trackers
  2. Less power consuming

Why Not To Use Ghostery?

  1. Injects its own ads
  2. The free version only provides basic protection

Also, check out our blog on how to enable (disable) ad blockers in google chrome here!

4. uBlock Origin

UBlock Origin - Best ad Blocker extension
UBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is one fantastic free and open-source ad blocker for Chrome. The incredible thing about uBlock Origin is that it doesn’t eat up your system while blocking irritating ads on websites such as YouTube, Twitch, etc. So, you could say that uBlock Origin is one of those ad blockers for Chrome that is resource friendly.

You can use the UBlock Origin ad blocker to stop getting pop-up ads, malware, and trackers while also looking after your CPU and memory. Also, you can whitelist certain websites and types of advertisements that are deemed to be safe.

Platforms: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge

Why Use uBlock Origin?

  1. Free and Open-source
  2. Doesn’t use much RAM, so it is power-friendly.

Why Not Use uBlock Origin?

  1. Sometimes it blocks some important images along with ads.

5. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate Chrome Extension
AdBlocker Ultimate Chrome Extension

AdBlocker Ultimate is another open-source and free ad blocker for Chrome. The best thing about AdBlocker Ultimate is that it blocks all types of ads on a webpage with no exceptions. AdBlocker Ultimate will block everything from pop-up ads to malicious trackers.

In other words, unlike other ad blockers, AdBlocker Ultimate doesn’t have an ‘acceptable’ ads feature, which means it doesn’t have a whitelist. So, it means advertisers can’t bypass this Chrome adblocker by paying money, which is an excellent policy.

Platforms: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Android, iOS

Why Use AdBlocker Ultimate?

  1. Available for almost every Browser.
  2. Free and Open-source
  3. Doesn’t let any ads bypass the security.

Why Not Use AdBlocker Ultimate?

  1. Doesn’t have a ‘Whitelist’ feature

Best Ad Block For Chrome: Wrapping Up

So, that’s it. These are the best Chrome ad blocker you can download in 2020. Most of the time, these ad blockers work quite efficiently, so you’ll have a great experience with them. In short, any of the above Chrome adblockers will stop those annoying ads in an instant, thus, saving you from a lot of trouble.

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