CS:GO Player Creates Fake Cheat Software To Punish Hackers

CSGO Player Creates Fake Cheat Software To Punish Hackers

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer games ever made. However, just like every other online game, CS:GO is also plagued by hackers. These hackers buy easily available cheat software to get some unfair advantage in the game.

So, a YouTuber who goes by the name of ScriptKid decided to take the matter in his hands. He created a fake cheat software to troll the cheaters who would download the cheat from his website.

ScriptKid, who first created a fake cheat software to sabotage cheaters in PUBG, did the same thing for CS:GO cheaters. He fooled thousands of losers to download his bait software that would actually kill them instead of giving them an advantage.

In total, ScriptKid created a total of nine punishments for players who downloaded his fake cheat software. For instance, his software wouldn’t let cheaters defuse the bomb no matter how many times they try. Another punishment drops cheater’s weapons every time they spray on the enemy. Also, whenever cheaters aim their weapons towards the teammates, their weapons automatically start firing, thus killing the teammate.

Funny and quite satisfying, right? Well, there are other interesting punishments that are available to watch in this video. Interestingly, ScriptKid included a code in his software to get cheater’s gameplay footage every time the bait software caused a mishap.

Cheating is definitely a huge problem in online gaming that affects a lot of honest players. So, looking at the CS:GO cheaters getting punished for using a fake cheat is quite satisfying.

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