Max Could Be the New Name of Merged HBO Max/Discovery+ Service

Max Could Be the New Name of Merged HBO Max/Discovery+ Service
Image: WarnerBros.

We’re getting closer to finding out what the combined Warner Bros. Discovery streaming services HBO Max and discovery+ will be called. Under its original parent company WarnerMedia, HBO Max debuted in the spring of 2020, with Discovery launching discovery+ in January 2021. Both streaming services feature content from Warner Bros. and Discovery’s vast catalogs, and they are now under one roof.

Thanks to Discovery’s acquisition of Warner Bros. in April, which resulted in the creation of the new company Warner Bros. Discovery. CEO David Zaslav has confirmed the merger of HBO Max and Discovery+, combining the two brands into a single streaming service. Aside from when the combined streaming service will launch, the only question is what name HBO Max/discovery+ will take.

HBO Max/Discovery merged streaming service to be called Max

According to CNBC, lawyers for Warner Bros. Discovery is considering the name “Max” for the merged streaming service between HBO Max and Discovery+. According to the report, while executives have not finalised their decision on what name the newly merged service should take, Max is the top choice and is likely to be approved by company executives. Internally, Warner Bros. Discovery is said to have given the new streaming service a code name, “BEAM,” while the final name, as well as other potential names for the service, is being debated in the boardroom.

The app is said to be similar to the platform that supports Disney+, showing Warner Bros. Discovery’s brands as individual icons for users to peruse. It is also expected that titles from HBO, Discovery, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. will be among the initial landing hubs for consumers to choose. During its most recent earnings conference call, Warner Bros. Discovery revealed to shareholders that it may now launch the new streaming service in the spring of 2023. Zaslav also mentioned that a transition team has been testing changes that are intended “in large part to address some of the deficiencies of the existing platform.”

HBO Max and Discovery+ offer commercial-free monthly subscriptions for $14.99 and $6.99, respectively. They both have ad-supported tiers that are less expensive. What are your thoughts on this merger? What name do you think they should take? Let us know in the comments down below.

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