Apple Could Launch A 14.1-Inch iPad With 16GB RAM Soon

ipad 2022
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Last year’s 11 and 12.9 inches iPad Pros featured M1 processors; thus, they were some of the best devices users could get. However, per various reliable leakers and insiders, the entire situation may change with the introduction of Apple M2 chips as they are expected to increase their functionality from MacBooks to iPads.

The rumored new iPad compatibility

If Apple decides to integrate the M2 chip in a new iPad, a question arises as to how will it manage to pull this off? The new chip is physically bigger, has more cores, more power, and hence more heat.

The solution seems to lie in a 14.1-inch screen for the rumored iPad Pro 2022. If the base variant combines 512 GB internal storage with 16 GB RAM, its competitors might blow away. A 14-inch screen also means a bigger chassis to fit in.

The leaker behind this rumor doesn’t have a proven track record. Though he does have some predictions on point. Majin Bu, the name that reveals details about the potential new iPad, also predicted that the new version of iPadOS would not support iPad Air 2.

Furthermore, Bu (under a different Twitter name) also predicted the Stage Manager feature that is a part of iPadOS 16 back in March, thus suggesting that he does have some authentic links.

Although Bu himself has warned against the news too seriously as predicting the screen size and other features nearly four or five months before the official launch requires a high degree of insider knowledge.

M1 Pro on the iPad

Aside from this rumor, there’s also a possibility of Apple bringing down the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips to the iPad as well. It could choose to fit the 2022 iPad Pro with the M1 Pro chip and keep the other variants with the M1.

This could streamline Apple silicone in the future as well since iPad users will be sure that laptop-grade power will trickle down to their tablets. What do you think about a 14-inch iPad with an M2 chip? Let us know in the comments.

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