2nd-Gen Surface Duo Now In Early Development, Says Report

Microsoft Surface Dual-Screen PC

While there is no word on the official release of the Surface Duo announced last year, it is possible that Microsoft has already started the development of its successor.

Microsoft outsourced the development of Surface Duo’s Android OS to the Finnish company Movial. Now, it’s in the process of hiring Movial employees who worked on the project to further propel the development under Microsoft’s roof.

As a result, the company will be able to provide timely software updates after the launch of Surface Duo, which is expected to arrive in the coming months.

What’s more interesting is that the same team will also work on the Android OS for Surface Duo V2, which has already entered early development, according to a Windows Central report. However, there is no word on the expected specs of the next-gen Surface Duo.

To continue the development of its Android OS, a new internal team is being created under the Microsoft Devices division.

Microsoft has acquired Movial’s local operations in Romania, Taiwan, and the US. Movial’s office in Iasi will serve as the fourth R&D division of Microsoft Romania, where around 60 Movial employees will work as full-time MS employees, as per SeeNews.

The new hiring is part of the “company’s efforts to boost Windows and Android development efforts,” Microsoft said in a statement.

It’s worth noting that the existing MS Android apps for Duo such as Microsoft Launcher and SwiftKey are all home-baked. Regarding the development of Surface Duo’s software, WC’s Zack Bowden said that the company didn’t have an internal team to do the initial groundwork and so it went after experts who could quickly and efficiently deliver what it wanted.

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