Is PUBG PC Going To Die After Losing 500K Players In One Year?

Why PUBG PC Is Heading Down In The Grave

When it comes to battle royale games, PUBG is usually the first one that comes in mind. The game has a player base from all over the world, and millions of players are still loyal to the game.

However, from the past one year, the user base of PUBG PC is continuously dropping. The developers of the game are hated so much that last month, the most upvoted comment on the game’s subreddit was a “f*ck you” to the developer.

So, by the looks of it, I think that Bluehole has finally dug the grave for PUBG PC. If you’re having a hard time believing that, then look at the SteamCharts’ numbers for Players’ Unknown Battleground.

PUBG Is Constantly Losing Players On Steam

With players continually losing their interest in the game, the number of average players and peak players is at an all-time low for PUBG.

PUBG is losing players
Image: SteamCharts

In the last 30 days, PUBG had an average player base of 228,934. That’s 11.12% less than the average players observed in February 2020.

The last time the average number of players for PUBG went below 300,000 was in July 2017. So, there’s no arguing the fact that PUBG is only going downhill.

Now, why is this happening? I mean, developers of the game are still dropping new content for the game. So, why are players switching to other battle royale games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty?

Well, all of it can be traced back to one valid reason — the constant, annoying bugs and glitches in the game. Sometimes the guns start floating in the air, and a few times, the vehicle blasts into flames for no apparent reason.

Bluehole says that the developers are constantly working on these issues, but it surely doesn’t look like it.

Adding new content is one thing, but developers need to resolve or at least reduce the bugs that ruin a player’s experience. However, the developers are only dedicated to bringing out new skins and weapons for players to spend money on them.

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Professional Players Are Ditching PUBG

ChocoTaco, a professional streamer who got famous because of his PUBG live streams, decided to take a break from PUBG. That’s kind of big deal because ChocoTaco is one of the most prominent PUBG players, playing the game for almost about two years. So, if he’s giving up on PUBG, then it’s evident that millions of his fans are going to follow his suit.

ChocoTaco is just one example; numerous other professional streamers are also ditching PUBG for other games like Call of Duty: Warzone.

Die, Filthy Hackers, Die

Now, this is one of the main issues with PUBG. If you play PUBG, and I mean both PC and smartphone versions, then you must have stumbled upon at least one hacker in every 3-4 matches. 

Nasty PUBG hackers always find some workaround to gain some unfair advantage over other players during the game. Innocent and honest players have been crying out loud for the developers to take strict actions against this. 

The developers do work on catching these cheaters and ban them from the game, but it isn’t enough.

There’s no direct communication between developers and the players. So, there are times when honest players get banned, and the cheaters get a free pass.

A lot of players have been patient thinking that maybe one day, PUBG can have fair matches with no cheaters in the lobby, but that’s just a long lost dream. 

Very Strong Competition

I tried out various battle royale games in the last two years, including PUBG, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Apex Legends, Darwin Project, and the latest free battle royale game, Call of Duty: Warzone.

So, if you ask me which battle royale, I think, is the all-time best — I would say neither! Every battle royale game has its own vibe.

You can enjoy Apex Legends because of its futuristic setting and actionable gameplay. Whereas, the 150-player battle royale game, COD: Warzone, offers you fast and long-lasting game experience.

However, in my opinion, if there’s a game that is continuously getting worse, then it’s PUBG. Yes, the realistic feel is definitely the unique selling point for PUBG, but players can’t let go of the developer’s inaction on all those bugs just because the game is “realistic.” 

Unlike Bluehole, the developers of other battle royale games always try to improve the player experience while also making money with monetized content. Result? Well, you have millions of PUBG players switching to COD and Apex Legends.

Is PUBG PC Dead?

Of course, despite everything I mentioned above, gamers still have a deep connection with PUBG. It’s the game that started it all. So, watching PUBG PC going down like this is something I don’t enjoy.

Despite losing hundreds of thousands of players, PUBG is not dead yet. It’s still far ahead from most battle royale games like Ring of Elysium and Z1 Battle Royale. However, if the developers still don’t listen to their players, the chart will only go downhill and the game could die sooner than you’d expect.

So, I hope that the makers will start prioritizing user experience over monetized content soon enough to increase the player base and save the game.

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