Best Call Of Duty Mobile ICR-1 Loadout: High Mobility, Stability, And Better Accuracy

Call of Duty Mobile's ICR-1 custom loadout.

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Best Call Of Duty Mobile ICR-1 Loadout; For High Mobility, Stability, And Better Accuracy

Another COD Mobile loadout guide featuring one of the best assault rifles in the game, the ICR-1. Like the other Call of Duty Mobile loadout guides, we’ve formulated three ICR-1 loadouts regarding multiple playstyles.

COD Mobile gives many options to players when it comes to customizing assault rifles. Interestingly, you can also look at similar loadout guides for SMGs other assault rifles, including the AK-47, DR-H, Man-O-War. Meanwhile, let’s jump straight to the custom builds for the ICR-1 loadout.

COD Mobile ICR-1 Custom Loadout

ICR-1 loadout for close-range combats:

This version of the ICR-1 loadout focuses on having higher mobility and faster ADSing speeds. If you’re the kind of player who likes to rush and take out the opposing players, then this loadout is for you.

BarrelYKM Integral Suppressor LightLevel 17
StockNo StockLevel 49
LaserMIP Laser 5mWLevel 20
Ammunition50 Round Fast ReloadLevel 53
Rear GripStippled Grip TapeLevel 6
ICR-1 close range loadout

ICR-1 mid-to-long range loadout

This particular ICR-1 loadout highlights this gun’s overall capability in terms of having good mid-to-long range stats. Moreover, this loadout is good for the players looking to take fights from a distance.

MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeLevel 23
BarrelOWC RangerLevel 30
PerkFMJLevel 9
Ammunition40 Round Fast ReloadLevel 35
Rear GripRubberized Grip TapeLevel 47
ICR-1 mid range loadout

ICR-1 long range loadout

In COD Mobile, assault rifles are great at taking fights over long ranges, and this loadout will help you take those long-range fights with ease. Interestingly, this loadout might not seem promising based on stats and numbers, but in-game, this loadout will help you dominate your opponents.

MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeLevel 23
BarrelOWC MarksmanLevel 42
PerkFMJLevel 9
UnderbarrelRanger ForegripLevel 32
Ammunition40 Round Fast ReloadLevel 35
ICR-1 long range loadout

So there you have it, three COD Mobile ICR-1 loadouts for different player profiles. You might wonder that there’s no optic attachment in any one of these loadouts; this is because the iron sight of the ICR-1 is good, and using a red dot or any other optic will waste an attachment slot. Let us know in the comments which custom ICR-1 loadout you liked the most.

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