Best COD Mobile M16 Loadout: Get High Mobility, Better Accuracy, Recoil Control

Best COD Mobile M16 Loadout For High Mobility, Better Accuracy, & Recoil Control

The M16 is one of the most underrated assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile. Interestingly, in this COD Mobile custom loadout guide, we’re featuring the semi-auto M16 assault rifle. Moreover, we’ve built three different variations of the M16 based on different player profiles.

While COD Mobile’s gunsmith feature allows players to modify each gun according to different player profiles, we don’t see different versions of the M16 in play. With this in mind, let’s jump straight to the custom M16 builds.

COD Mobile M16 custom loadout

M16 loadout for Close-quarter-combat

While the M16 is an excellent weapon for medium and long ranges in COD Mobile, with the help of some attachments, the M16 can be made into a superior primary weapon.

BarrelMIP Light Barrel (Short)Level 30
StockYKM Light StockLevel 8
LaserMIP Laser 5mWLevel 21
UnderbarrelStrike ForegripLevel 3
Rear GripGranulated Grip TapeLevel 35
M16 close range loadout

M16 best overall stats loadout

This COD Mobile M16 custom loadout is the closest you can get to having a near-perfect gun. Featuring all the balanced stats, good recoil control, better accuracy, and fast ads, take a look at the attachments for this overpowered M16 custom build.

MuzzleOWC Light CompensatorLevel 15
StockYKM Light StockLevel 8
UnderbarrelStrike ForegripLevel 3
Ammunition48 Round Extended MagLevel 34
Rear GripStippled Grip TapeLevel 6
M16 best overall loadout

M16 long-range high accuracy loadout

Having perfect accuracy and exceptional recoil control, this M16 custom loadout is ideal for grinding ranked games.

MuzzleOWC Light CompensatorLevel 15
StockMIP Strike StockLevel 26
LaserMIP 5mWLevel 21
UnderbarrelRanger ForegripLevel 32
Rear GripGranulated Grip TapeLevel 35

Note: If you don’t like the iron sight of M16, for which we won’t judge you, you can replace the laser with a red dot. You’ll be losing a bit of mobility by replacing the laser, but on the brighter side, you’ll no longer have to deal with the terrible iron sight of the M16.

If we were to tell you that the M16 is the fastest killing gun in COD Mobile, would you believe us? Well, we’re sure you will find the answer yourself when you try these loadouts.

Meanwhile, one of the best things about the M16 is the three-round burst fire, which kills the enemy in just one burst in close range. Moreover, if one were to master the M16, they’ll realize that this assault rifle is one of the strongest and best guns in COD Mobile.

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