Best COD Mobile AK47 Loadout For Mobility, Recoil Control, & Range

Best AK47 Loadout For Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile gives its players different game modes and tons of amazing weapons. Moreover, the game allows players to customize the weapons and make different renditions of each gun. And in this COD Mobile guide, we’ve arranged three custom COD Mobile AK47 loadouts that suit different playstyles.

AK47 is no doubt one of the most loved guns of Call of Duty Mobile since season 1. And it has all the reasons to be one considering its extraordinary damage, control, and range. What more does anyone want from a gun this good? However, you can modify the gun even further to fit specific playstyles. Moving further, let’s take a look at the best COD Mobile AK47 loadouts for different ranges.

COD Mobile AK-47 custom loadout

For short-range

For Short Range
COD Mobile AK47 loadout for short-range

The AK47 is quite deadly in the short-range; of course, the damage is great, so is the mobility, helping players shred enemy players with this Call of Duty Mobile custom AK47 loadout in short-range. Let’s look at the short-range version of AK-47.

BarrelMIP Light Barrel (Short)Level 17
StockNo StockLevel 49
PerkSleight of HandLevel 27
LaserMIP Laser 5mWLevel 21
Rear GripStippled Grip TapeLevel 6

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For mid-range

AK47 custom loadout medium range
COD Mobile AK47 loadout for mid-range

This customized Ak-47 is best suited for players who like holding back and playing it out by occupying an angle. For those of you who have a similar playstyle, better check out this COD Mobile custom AK47 loadout for mid-range.

MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeLevel 23
BarrelMIP Extended Light BarrelLevel 43
StockYKM Combat StockLevel 37
UnderbarrelStrike ForegripLevel 3
AmmunitionLarge Extended Mag BLevel 34

For long-range

AK47 custom loadout for long range
COD Mobile AK47 loadout for long-range

By now, you don’t need any introduction to this build of the mighty AK-47. So let’s see the attachments on this long-range custom COD Mobile AK-47 loadout, and feel free to try it out in action.

MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeLevel 23
BarrelOWC RangerLevel 30
Optic3X Tactical Scope 1Level 16
UnderbarrelRanger ForegripLevel 32
AmmunitionExtended Mag ALevel 5

Best COD Mobile AK47 loadout

Cod Mobile
Best overall loadout for AK47 in COD Mobile

While surely there are numerous other loadouts for the AK47 in Call of Duty Mobile, and each one with its own advantages. However, it’s up to the player’s playstyle and choice of play as to which loadout is required for a particular game. Meanwhile, if one is to take our suggestion on the best Call of Duty Mobile AK47 loadout, the below-mentioned AK47 loadout is the optimal choice for precise gameplay with balanced stats.

MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeLevel 23
BarrelOWC RangerLevel 30
StockYKM Combat StockLevel 37
LaserMIP Laser 5mWLevel 21
AmmunitionLarge Extended Mag BLevel 34

There you have it, three COD Mobile AK47 Loadout(s) that suits different playstyles. And with this, we’re going to put an end to this article, do let us know in the comments what changes you would like to see in the above renditions of these custom builds.

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