Call Of Duty Mobile: Best DR-H Loadout For Stability, Long-Range, And Recoil Control

Best DR-H loadouts, period.


Since its inception, Call of Duty Mobile has been known for being player-friendly, with in-game features like the gunsmith, where players can tailor any gun to their liking. Moreover, COD Mobile has players hooked to their devices by offering different game modes on a rotational basis. However, this article is limited to making a custom DR-H loadout in COD Mobile. So, read on for a custom COD Mobile DR-H Loadout made for those who find it burdensome to customize their weapons.

The DR-H is among the top Assault Rifles, particularly those having great damage, range, etc. Moreover, this gun offers vast amounts of attachments, making it a popular choice of weapon in any range.

COD Mobile DR-H Custom Loadout

For close-range:

DRH custom loadout close range

Firstly, let’s see the customized DR-H for short-range combat offering high mobility and accurate hip fire. This loadout has been made with the thought of players who love to get in close and take fights, ultimately needing high ADS speeds, accurate hip fire, and a lightweight weapon.

BarrelMIP LightLevel 16
StockNo StockLevel 48
LaserMIP Laser 5mWLevel 21
Ammunition30 Round OTM MagUnlocks by killing 80 enemies with DR-H equipped with “38 Round Mag”
Rear GripStippled Grip TapeLevel 6

For mid-range:

DRH custom loadout mid range

DR-H is the only gun having the maximum amount of damage with its OTM mag version. Furthermore, to get an added advantage, check out this beast custom COD Mobile DR-H loadout for mid-range fights, with better accuracy and significantly increased mobility, and optimal stability for mid-range fights.

BarrelOWC RangerLevel 30
StockYKM Light StockLevel 8
LaserOWC Laser – TacticalLevel 52
Ammunition30 Round OTM MagUnlocks by killing 80 enemies with DR-H equipped with “38 Round Mag”
Rear GripStippled Grip TapeLevel 6

The long-range master:

DRH custom loadout long range

The DR-H had a tremendous overall damage range; however, the gun is , which we couldn’t talk more about. However, add in more extended reach and control, and you’ve got yourself a DMR. With these attachments, your custom-built COD Mobile DR-H loadout will make your opponents search for a corner to hide as you annihilate them from long range.

MuzzleMonolithic SuppressorLevel 50
BarrelOWC MarksmanLevel 41
Optic3X Tactical Scope 1Level 17
UnderbarrelRanger ForegripLevel 32
Ammunition30 Round OTM MagUnlocks by killing 80 enemies with DR-H equipped with “38 Round Mag”

Best COD Mobile DR-H Loadout

COD Mobile best DR-H Loadout

While all the loadouts mentioned above are all great to get you more kills and level up faster in ranked multiplayer matches, some people prefer not to change loadouts frequently and prefer to change their gameplay. For those, there is one custom COD Mobile DR-H loadout that works best with most playstyles, that one DR-H loadout to rule them all.

MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeLevel 23
BarrelOWC RangerLevel 30
UnderbarrelRanger ForegripLevel 32
Ammunition25 Round OTM MagLevel 54
Rear GripGranulated Grip TapeLevel 35

This COD Mobile custom loadout features build for three different playstyles. However, more custom loadouts will be coming your way soon. Till then, soak in this custom COD Mobile DR-H loadout and grind to higher ranks in your favorite mobile game.

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