“Chainsaw Man” Second Official Trailer Released | Watch It Here

“Chainsaw Man” Second Trailer Released
Image Credit: MAPPA

The most anticipated anime of 2022, “Chainsaw Man,” has finally released a new promo. The studio has released just one trailer with some visuals here and there. But that is simply not enough for the fans, and we all want to see more of this anime.

Well, our prayers have been answered, and here we are with an awesome new trailer. We get to hear some characters for the first time and also a few stunning action scenes too. So without further ado, let’s check it out.

“Chainsaw Man” Official Trailer 2


As announced earlier with that awesome key visual, the trailer came out on August 5, 2022. It starts off with fan-favorite character Makima talking about the Gun Devil. Then we see Denji and hear Makima offering him to work for him. After that, we get a small introduction of both Aki and another fan favorite, Power. But after all that, the clip kicks into high gear, and we see some stunning fight scenes.

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What is the plot of ‘Chainsaw Man’?

Chainsaw Man New Poster Released & Release Date Of Next Trailer Revealed
Image Credit: MAPPA

The plot is a set in an urban real life like world infested with dangerous demons known as Devils. We follow Denji, an unlucky young guy living with his cute dog Pochita. But when Denji is about to die one day, Pochita reveals himself as the Chainsaw Devil and fuses with Denji to give him super strength and Chainsaw powers.

Furthermore, after the incident, Denji is taken away by the government Devil Hunters, where he is given a choice to either die as a devil or live as a devil hunter. Denji, of course, agrees to become a devil hunter and begins his quest to live a decent life, something he never had.

‘Chainsaw Man’ Release Date

The show is set to release somewhere in October 2022, with no specific release date known for now. But we do know that it will be available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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