Samsung DDR6 Memory Roadmap: Up To 24 Gbps Speeds For New GPUs

samsung ddr6 memory

Samsung used the Tech Day 2021 event to unveil its memory technology roadmap. As reported by Computerbase, Samsung has plans for newer DDR6 memory modules along with GDDR6+ and GDDR7. While the world has just seen the introduction of DDR5 modules, Samsung is moving on to the next generating of technology.

The current DDR5 standard just hit the markets and is compatible with Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake CPUs. Keeping the supply and availability issues aside, memory technology is moving forward. Likewise, newer DDR6 memory platforms supposedly have twice the amount of speeds compared to the DDR5 platform.

DDR6 memory standard, plans for GDDR6+ and GDDR7

Samsung’s DDR6 memory platform is already in development and will replace the existing DDR5 platform. However, there’s a timeline that we should establish. Since DDR5 just came out, users shouldn’t expect the DDR6 platform to arrive until after 2025.

Moreover, the standards for the DDR6 memory still aren’t in place by JEDEC, but there are speculations of its capability. Standard DDR6 speeds are expected to hit 12,800 Mbps, and overclocked speeds (any frequency above the JEDEC standards) should reach 17,000 Mbps. From a broader perspective, these speeds are double the transfer rate of DDR5 and quadruple over DDR4.

samsung ddr6 speeds
DDR memory transfer rates. Image source: Computerbase

Samsung also has plans for GDDR6+ and GDDR7 memory apart from DDR6 for the distant future. The faster GDDR6+ standard will bridge the gap between DDR6 and DDR7. In the same vein, GDDR6+ might hit speeds up to 24 Gbps and will be a part of next-gen GPUs. Meanwhile, the better GDDR7 platform is said to perform at 32 Gbps. The memory roadmap sure is exciting, and more technology to support the same should arrive soon.

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