Instagram Just Got Better For Creators, 3 New Features Announced

Instagram Just Got Better For Creators, 3 New Features Announced
Image: Meta

The news that Instagram is testing a “paid subscription” from $0.99 to $99.99 per month for creators spreads like wildfire. The popular social media platform attempted to curate a special package for its content creator, which allows them to stand out. However, despite a small start earlier this year, the company is still incorporating new features into the version.

It recently announced some new aspects built on the experience. Adam Mosseri, the Instagram CEO stated that the platform intends to be “the best place online for creators to make a living” as the additions will be based on creator feedback from the early experimenting and testing phase of premium subscribers.

The New Instagram features

An exclusive and sought-after new feature is publishing feed posts that are only visible to the subscribers. Creators were restricted to doing this with stories. However, access is now available for the paying supporters to the exclusive and traditional Insta feed posts.

Mosseri said it was among the top requests from creators. It will include a new “subscriber home” tab on the creator’s profile where the paid subscribers can filter the reels and pictures that are exclusively available to them. Apart from feed posts and stories, the creators can also “Go Live” with their subs. Another feature announced today included the influencer talking through group DM with 30 subscribers.

Image: Meta

Instagram is gradually rolling out the paid version subscriptions to “tens of thousands” of content creators in the US; however, Mosseri confirms that the company does need to extend the idea to other regions to ensure a better response.

“This is just one step on a much longer path to provide creators everywhere with a whole range of tools to be able to make a living online,” he stated in the video. “But we’re excited about this one.”

A re-design on the horizon

The company is currently working to incorporate some substantial changes in the Instagram application, including a full-screen feed. However, Mosseri has mentioned that it will likely take many months before the redesign is officially launched.

Instagram continuously responds to the feedback from photographers as it aims to improve the novel, video-optimized feed without departing from the “presentation of still images”. Earlier in 2022, the company re-introduced a chronological feed (with the favorite option) for the users who wanted to gain control over how the app sorts their content.

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