Apple To Ditch Intel And Use Its Own Chips In Macs From 2020: Report


If you rip apart an Apple computer, you’ll find parts from different vendors like Intel, Qualcomm, etc. While the iPhone-maker now powers iPhones and iPads with its A-series chips, Macs still draw their power Intel’s silicon. Well, this is bound to change in the upcoming years.

As per a report from Bloomberg, Apple is going to ditch Intel chips and replace them with its homegrown processors. The report states that this transition is expected to start in 2020.

The sources familiar with the matter have said that the project is in the early development stages. Codenamed “Kalamata,” this project aims to make iDevices work with each other more effortlessly.

As a response to this report, Intel’s shares have fallen by 9%; it’s the biggest single-day drop witnessed by the company in more than two years.

If you take a look at the developments of recent past, you’ll spot clues scattered here and there. The company has been rumored to be working on such projects for some time. It already ships custom T2 chips in iMac Pro and plans to produce its own GPU.

On the software front, the company is also working to bring a solution for developers to help them code cross-platform apps for iOS and macOS.

If one combines all these steps being taken by Cupertino, it’ll present a picture of Apple’s ecosystem becoming even more seamless and tightly-knitted. In future, when the company makes this project public, one can also expect it to fire shots at Intel and present itself as a more secure chipmaker.

It remains to be seen if the upcoming Apple chips are going to be based on ARM architecture.

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