Top-Notch MacBook Pro Has A Notch Problem

Is this the costliest failure Apple might've created?


Apple’s latest 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros come with a notch for the camera and are weird to use. Earlier, we wrote about MacBook Pros cutting corners with a notch by not including Face ID. Now, users are reporting how the notch is making the display act weird.

In a Twitter thread, Quinn Nelson posted a video with the new MacBook Pro notch coming in the way of the top menu bar. He shows the menu items spread to the center, hiding behind the notch, not visible to the user.

The same thread shows him running DaVinci Resolve on MacBook Pro, with the mouse pointer jumping across the gap. It is almost as if Apple slapped on the notch as an afterthought. YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) also took a dig at the MacBook Pro Notch, calling it “top-notch design.”

Another funny thing happening around the new MacBook’s notch is reported by Sam Henri-Gold. His tweet-thread shows the MacBook shrinking its display from all sides to scale it to fit below a notch.

If this were not enough, the last tweet in the same thread shows something weirder. If you hover the mouse under the notch while the front camera is on, your mouse pointer is visible on the video. We think it is a bug for now, but with Apple, you never know a bug and from a quirk.

The MacBook Pro’s notch is taking the Touch Bar’s share of flak. While the Touch Bar is gone, the notch is apparently here to stay and will probably be there for the future Pro 13 and new Air as well.

So far, I am fairly optimistic about the notch being non-intrusive on a laptop. It is so since it will be around the top menu bar and then covered by black bars if you’re watching a video. However, Pro users need the whole display for the top menu, which the notch cuts off now.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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