You Can Now Have Up To 512 Members In A WhatsApp Group

You Can Now Have WhatsApp Groups With 512 Members
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WhatsApp has finally increased the group size limit to 512 members. The new group size was long overdue and was first announced a while back. However, previously, it was only available to Android and iOS beta users.

In summary, the newly revised group size will assist in the formation of larger groups. WhatsApp launched the update earlier this year, along with several other improvements such as; text-based message replies, a new UI for voice calling, a voice note player update, and more.

WhatsApp is currently rolling out the update

A report from WABeta info says many parts of the world have received the updated group size, allowing them to handle group chats with many people. Those who haven’t yet received the feature will probably get it within 24 hours. Create a group and check the number of people at the top of the screen to see if you’ve received the update for the upgraded group size.

Agencies, Organisations, or even standard users will now have the luxury of adding 512 people to a group chat. The company is constantly aiming at making the platform more consumer-friendly and easy to communicate with other users.

Many people requested this, and WhatsApp has now upgraded the size to better manage larger chats after listening to the; messages, requests, and suggestions. According to the sources, the corporation is currently working on rolling out the Communities feature, which is still in development.

The new Communities feature, according to WhatsApp, will allow users to bring together several groups under one cover. It will be capable of allowing group administrators to effectively manage many groups and allowing participants to get updates that will be broadcast to the entire community.

Whatsapp business users are also getting quite the treatment. The company rolled out a beta version of a new feature called Author message info, especially for the Whatsapp business users. Businesses that use the WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and desktop will now have new information about their outgoing messages.

What do you think about this new update? Do you require adding above 500 people to a group chat? Comment below.

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