Try Blocking Amazon’s Cloud And Feel Instant Regret

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Most of us think that Google is the internet. It might be, but there is another name that powers almost 40% of the cloud infrastructure. It’s Amazon.

Amazon’s cloud computing service AWS (Amazon Web Services) is used by leading websites and services including Netflix, Airbnb, Slack, Expedia, and more. So, other than our tons of purchases, AWS is also a major contributor in making Jeff Bezos the richest person in the world.

Although the backend stuff never comes in front of the users, it has now become hard to imagine the internet running without Amazon’s cloud. If, someday, it goes away without warning, it might take a lot with it.

Amazon regularly updates the list of public IP addresses that belong to AWS. A developer Dhruv Mehrotra used that data and created a program called “Fuck off AWS” that blocks all the connections to Amazon’s servers.


It can make you experience how the internet would look without Amazon. It becomes “pretty unusable,” says Mehrotra. After enabling it websites that use AWS might load improperly or not load at all.

You find the blocker on Mehrotra’s GitHub repo. Available for macOS, it’s a port of the AWS blocker that exists for Linux. Getting it running is a bit of a task as you’d have to deal with the black window.

Via The Verge

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