Analysts Say iPhone 14 Max and 14 Pro Max Display Supply Delayed

iPhone 14
Image: Jon Prosser

The popular iPhone 14 series smartphones are slated to launch in September. iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to be available for sale from September.

Recently a tweet by supply chain insider, Ross Young, surfaced on the internet, which stated that there might be a delay in panel shipments of these two smartphones. However, he further stated that this delay would not impact the release date.

Delay in panel shipments

A supply chain insider states that the panel shipments of both smartphones may be delayed by one month. This delay in shipments is probably due to a lockdown in China.

The major impact of this delay can be a shortage of stock at the time of release, as huge numbers turn up to buy the latest iPhones. So getting hold of both variants in the initial days of the release can be tedious. Specifically the larger size variant.

In his tweet, Ross Young says, ” Looks like iPhone 14 Max and Pro Max panel shipments are a month behind the 14 and Pro. The panel shipments for the larger models are starting in July vs. June for the smaller models. Not expecting any delays at the launch at this point, though.

Another Report Says Only iPhone 14 Pro Models Will Get A16 Chip
Image Credit: Jon Prosser

Similar reports of production issues surfaced on the internet in May, which now seem to be coming true. The iPhone 14 series comprises four smartphones. iPhone 14 Max, the Max, and Pro variant.

The Max version replaces the mini variant of this series. Some rumored features that surfaced on the web suggest that the device will have a punch-hole display instead of a notch, and a 48MP camera.

Reports also suggest that there will be no major updates or changes in the non-pro models of this series. As September is months away, we can be optimistic about both the products being conveniently available to the users.

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