Windows 10 Insiders Are Now Getting Windows 11’s Microsoft Store

microsoft store windows 10 insider

One of the newly-launched Windows 11’s key highlights is the Microsoft Store. The company said that Windows 10 users would get Windows 11’s new Microsoft Store in the future. Likewise, Windows 10 users in the Release Preview Channel of the Insider Program are now getting the Store update, as per Rudy Huyn’s tweet.

The new Microsoft Store on Windows 10 brings all the good it did to Windows 11. Primarily, the update focuses on a visual overhaul by bringing in a newer fluid user interface that is easier to navigate. Mostly, the brand-new user interface matches the Windows 11 design esthetic.

With the new Store coming to Windows 10, it means that support for installing Win32 apps via the Store also arrives on Windows 10. Users can download Win32 apps like Zoom, VLC, and more directly from the Store. When Microsoft decides to push the update to all Windows 10 users, it will be a crucial moment for developers. Since all 1.3 billion Windows users have access to the new Store, it will encourage developers to list their apps on the Microsoft Store.

However, there is one thing about the Microsoft Store that remains a Windows 11 exclusive – support for Android apps. It seems that support for Android apps on Windows 10 using the Windows Subsystem for Android is not a reality (yet).

For now, the new Windows 11 Store is only available for Windows 10 Insider. Most users of the Insider Program are already running Windows 11. Hence, the amount of people getting the new Microsoft Store isn’t significant.

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