Seeing Marilyn Monroe’s Instead of Einstein? You Need to Wear Glasses!

online eye test einstien
online eye test einstien
Image: Gizmodo

I have a feeling that this could be another topic of hot debate just like the blue and black/gold dress that broke the internet. This is an optical illusion that will tell you if you need to see some optician and get your eyesight tested.

The ASAP Science team has made a video with the help of the research work by Dr. Olivia from MIT. If you have a decent eyesight and you are looking at the picture from a short distance, you will see Albert Einstein. If your eyesight is weak and you are looking at the picture from a considerable distance, you will see Marilyn Monroe. This near-far thingy is shown in the GIF shown above. If your eyesight is good, you will see the transition from Marilyn Monroe to Albert Einstein as the picture grows larger.

In the video, ASAP Science explains:

“The effect can be seen by anyone if we change the distance and size of the picture. If it’s far away you’re more likely to see Marilyn Monroe because our eyes only pick up the broader strokes of an image from a distance, but as you come closer to the image you see the finer details of Einstein.”

Check out the video below and tell us your views in comments below.

I tried looking at the picture without my glasses and all I saw was Marilyn Munroe’s picture. :D

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