Why Is #leavingtwitter Trending?

Why is #leavingtwitter trending?
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As soon as the news of Twitter agreeing to Elon Musk’s offer broke out, the #leavingtwitter started trending. The hashtag is growing strong with hilarious and quirky takes on Elon Musk buying the social platform.

While employees are in complete disarray, Twitter’s audience is lighting up the platform with memes and speculations.

Image: YouTube

Noteworthy #leavingtwitter tweets

Twitter user @RealTrotta shared a hilarious image about people announcing their departure from Twitter. He said that these were the same people who said they would leave the US if Donald Trump became the president. The tweet mocks the baseless claims and overzealous nature of some Twitter users.


Nathan Bosnia posted a sarcastic tweet about people using the #leavingtwitter trend. He recommended a better app called “Outside,” which is nature. Bosnia explained the advantages of Outside like fresh air and the sun and forests and lakes and bookshops and cake and friends and family.

Nevertheless, it gives a glimpse of how far humans have fallen into the trap of social media platforms.

Eugene Wiki expressed his concerns about the hostile takeover by Elon Musk. He is worried that Musk will now have control over all the personal data. The rest of his tweet pointed out the Congress Reform Section 230 of the CDA. Obama raised his voice about the accountability of social media platforms over the non-credible content posted on them.


Honorable mentions


Twitter Drama In a Nutshell

Elon Musk began buying shares of Twitter and soon became a 9% stakeholder in the company. The Twitter board offered him a seat which he rejected. Then he started posting weird stuff about Twitter’s current working policies and the missing edit button for users. After a week, he offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion, which the Twitter board accepted on Sunday. The deal will take months to finalize, but the news has sparked trends like #leavingtwitter.

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