Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. It’s the successor to Windows 10 and comes in as a major software upgrade after 6 years. Windows 11 has revamped the entire user interface, including the Taskbar, Settings app, File Explorer, Microsoft Store, etc. However, under the hood, it remains pretty much the same. 

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Installation And Setup:

Find all the stuff you need to breeze through the Windows 11 OOBE and ready your machine in no time. Know whether your PC can support Windows 11 and what can you do to make it happen.

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Customization Tips

Windows 11 comes with a host of customization options in the new settings app. Like, the new multimonitor settings, themes, virtual deskop features, etc. Let’s explore how to make the most out of them.

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Windows 11 is a new OS and there are some things that need to be explained. Like, how it’s different from Windows 10, will the new system requirements lead to e-waste, and so on.

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Tips & Tricks:

Here are some amazing and useful tips and tricks for your Windows 11 PC that will improve your experience with several notches. For instance, changing the default audio device, enabling hidden files, creating BMP files, etc.

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There are days when your Windows 11 PC runs into unwanted errors. That’s where our problems and troubleshooting guide could provide a helping hand. Check out the issues you might encounter on Windows 11.

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