Will Electric Tesla Cybertruck Spawn Cyber Roadster Or Cyber SUV?


There have been mixed reviews regarding the design of the Tesla Cybertruck. It is the first electric truck from the American EV maker.

If you’re wondering “who is interested in a stainless steel truck,” this might answer your question. And although the Cybertruck’s reveal was kind of a surprise to many fans, they have learned to love its edgy design over the course of several months.

Their love is evident in the 500K+ pre-bookings, the electric truck received in the span of 90 days.

As “pointy” as the Tesla Cybertruck might look, clearly a lot of engineering and design resources have gone into its development. Any sane person would make the most out of such an expensive and new platform.

YouTuber Tailosive thinks Tesla knows this and could do launch a future line of Cyber electric vehicles in the near future, but there’s a catch. He also thinks that the Cybertruck can offer features that could make the current electric cars truly futuristic. Here are ours and his two cents on it.

How Tesla Cybertruck A Cyber Electric SUV

A number of unique features present in the Tesla Cybertruck point towards it being an inspiration for an upcoming Cyber-lineup of Tesla electric vehicles.

First up is the Cybertruck’s interface. It is different from a conventional Tesla Model 3 or Model S. It allows the driver to change gears using the touch screen, it also features a different perspective on the navigation system.

“It could be a prototype, or it could be what future generation Tesla software would look like,” said the YouTuber.

He argued that Tesla has convinced us that electric cars can be modern and appealing to look at, but how do we make EVs look futuristic? Well, here’s where the Cybertruck comes in.

Tesla Cybertruck does not feature any paint, or badges because its design is so unique that you can’t mistake it for anything else. Another reason for no badging is that the ultra-hard 30-times cold-rolled stainless steel, from which the exoskeleton of the Cybertruck is made of, will break the stamping press.

The exoskeleton is what separates it from a Ford-F150 or a Dodge RAM. Make the Cybertruck stand next to a Ford F-150 Raptor and the latter will look domesticated.

You cannot make a dent in the exoskeleton, you can’t scratch it, it is bulletproof, from a certain distance I presume, and it cannot rust. The Tesla Cybertruck is immune to these problems which cars face around the world today.

Elon Musk also said that if there was anything better for the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton then they would have used it.

All these things together will eventually reduce the maintenance cost of the Cybertruck. Furthermore, we’re also looking at low manufacturing costs and high production speed for the truck as well.

The low price of $39,900 base Tesla Cybertruck is an indication that a high amount of automation will be involved in its production.

Additionally, Cybertruck’s plane design will also pace up the production rate. Both factors will contribute to making a budget SUV.

There is no need to paint the Cybertruck, which will save some more time, I am sure.

The YouTuber also pointed out that although the Cybertruck may look boxy, it is more aerodynamic than most other vehicles in its category.

Tesla Cybertruck inspired Cyber Line-up_ electric cars

Apart from this, the YouTuber has also shown some pictures of other models reimagined with Cybertruck treatment. One of the electric cars is the Tesla Cyber Roadster, which looked like something from a Blane Runner movie.

There’s also a Cyber SUV with seating for nine people. It also looks like a car from the Blade Runner universe which you’d use to pick your eight kids from soccer practice.

The Tesla Cyber SUV, if it existed, would be a true 9-seater SUV with enough headroom and legroom for 9 full-sized adults.

These features, I think, in coherence with the Tailosive EV, are the ones worth carrying over to the future generation of Tesla Cybertruck line up of electric vehicles.

Numbers Are Everything

Tesla Cybertruck inspired Cyber Line-up_ electric cars

All speculation aside, the sales figure of the Tesla Cybertruck will ultimately decide its future.

The price of a Tesla Cybertruck is certainly alluring. It’s almost the same price as a Tesla Model 3 but its a full-size truck with a range of more than 250 miles and a towing capacity of 7,500+ pounds.

Looking at the pre-bookings, the response seems positive. But one cannot consider pre-bookings as sales figures. It takes merely $100 to reserve one Tesla Cybertruck. Moreover, as time goes on we will witness design, price, and feature changes in the Tesla Cybertruck.

It recently underwent an exterior change and is now much smaller than when we first saw it, at the reveal event. We also know about the existence of Plaid Cybertruck, which Elon has confirmed exists at one level above the current top-spec Tri-motor Cybertruck.

Time will tell how Cybertruck fares, which will then decide the future of Tesla’s Cyber lineup. What are your thoughts?

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