Here’s Why Elon Musk Wants To Drive The Plaid Cybertruck Only

Elon Musk Plaid Cybertruck

Elon Musk recently tweeted that he’d drive a Plaid Cybertruck only. This statement gives rise to so many questions, for example, what is a Plaid Cybertruck? Or is Elon teasing a top-spec version of Cybertruck?

Elon tweeted this information a few days ago, and several news outlets have reported on it. So now is the perfect time to go deep and understand the features of the new electric truck. And most importantly, to answer the question – why does Elon Musk want to drive a Plaid Cybertruck only?

Elon Teases Plaid Cybertruck: More Powerful Than Current Top-Spec Cybertruck?

We know for a fact that the current Tri-motor Tesla Cybertruck isn’t the plaid version because Elon confirmed it himself via a tweet.

It leaves us with a hint of the upcoming Cybertruck atop the current top-spec variant that will offer a bunch of new features as well.

And, it’s probably because of these reasons why Elon Musk wants to drive a Plaid Cybertruck only.

Quad-Motor Setup

Although not confirmed in any way, the existence of a quad motor Cybertruck cannot be ruled out. Tesla has always been one step ahead in providing extra features in its electric vehicles. However, Rivian outdid the Cybertruck by offering a tank-turn mode enabled by its truck’s quad-motor setup.

Therefore, it isn’t far from correct to assume that the Cybertruck could get this feature in the near future.

More Torque

Tesla is known for adding extra power and torque to its vehicles via OTA updates. But an electric motor upgrade makes more sense in the case of Plaid Cybertruck. The quad-motor setup will have more torque resulting in more payload capacity and tow rating.

More Tires

If the Cybertruck is going to produce a massive amount of torque, it is going to need an additional pair of tires to put that grunt on to the ground.

Tesla Time News suggested that the upcoming Plaid Cybertruck could be a dually, meaning it could have two additional sets of tires at the back for better grip. The speculation does seem plausible.

More Acceleration

It is a Plaid variant, which is Tesla’s way of saying it is the fastest one, so naturally, it will have more rapid acceleration. The current Tri-motor setup goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, so expect the Plaid Cybertruck to be even faster.

Plaid Cybertruck Launch Date

There’s no official information on the launch of the Plaid Cybertruck. It is assumed that Tesla will launch it after the current line-up of Tesla electric trucks starts reaching customers.

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