What Is Twitter Circle And How Is It Opening Windows For Creators To Earn?

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Twitter began testing its new feature ‘Twitter Circle’ a few months back. The main highlight of this feature was to create a small group of exclusive followers community. Twitter was trying to integrate something useful for creators that would help them craft a close community within their huge community.

Now, Twitter revealed that the trial phase of the Twitter Circle feature was a great success. Moreover, Twitter Circle will be accessible to all users on the platform from today onwards.

Is Twitter Circle useful?

All social media platforms have some means of monetizing creators’ accounts. Twitter added the Spaces feature to add a revenue stream for them. Recently, an account subscriptions feature was also in work which would let followers pay for exclusive access to the premium content from creators.

Twitter Circle could be a game changer for creators on the platform. They can build a small community of 150 people and interact with them exclusively. Since it is free, it doesn’t put the burden on the followers to pay for the exclusive content upfront. So, creators can keep adding and removing followers and then find a way of monetizing those users.

Twitter Circle
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Twitter keeps a limit of 150 people in a Circle. Admins can remove or add any Twitter users to the circle. When this action is performed, it doesn’t send any kind of notification to the followers. The only way to distinguish a Twitter Circle post is the green badge that will appear underneath the post. No one can retweet or share the posts made in the Circle. It will remain hidden from everyone except the selected followers, even if you have a public account.

Popular leakster On-leaks shared their idea of a Twitter Circle that would offer exclusive leaks inside the circle. Plus, it would include BTS and even a giveaway. An eager user asked about the pricing and On-leaks said because of exclusive content it would be slightly high.

This sparks an interesting idea of why wasn’t Twitter Circle monetized. Twitter should give clarification on this because the point of building an exclusive community is to drive some revenue from it.

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