PornHub Launches Free VPN Service, Who Needs Incognito Mode Now

Pornhub vpn service vpnhub

For many people, there are specific reasons why they use the incognito mode or private mode in web browsers. But it’s a known fact that switching the incognito mode ‘ON’ doesn’t make one anonymous. That’s the reason many VPN services exist.

The popular website Pornhub has also launched their VPN service called VPNHub. It allows that PornHub fans (and everyone else) bypass geo-restrictions and browse the internet while being anonymous. And all of this comes free of charge and with fast speeds and no data caps. But you can only access VPN servers if the located in the US.

VPNHub is also offering a premium subscription for $12.99/mo which comes without ads, faster connection speed, customer support, and a choice of selecting more countries than the free version.

If you’re interested in trying Pornhub’s VPN, you can download it for Android and iOS. The VPN service is also available for Windows and macOS, but it requires the users to purchase the VPNHub Premium. It’s available for a 7-day free trial.

Free VPN services sound very good on paper, but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Provided there is no direct way to make money from the user, giving away a VPN service at cost creates a room for tracking user behavior. Afterall, how would a service target ads? But this doesn’t mean you should start seeing every free VPN service with suspicion.

Try Pornhub’s VPN service and post your experience in the comments.

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