Tesla Cybertruck Crosses 500,000+ Pre-Bookings In Just 90 Days

Tesla Cybertruck pre-bookings reached 500+, price, range
Image: Tesla

Tesla’s Cybertruck pre-bookings have crossed the half a million mark ever since the electric pickup truck was first unveiled in November 2019. As per the website of the Cybertruck Owners Club, there have been around 535,000 pre-bookings so far.

For a reference, back in 2017, there were around 518,000 reservations for Tesla Model 3 over a period of three months.

Right after unveiling the Cybertruck, the company started online pre-bookings for the electric pickup with token money of $100.

CEO Elon Musk updated his Twitter handle confirming 250,000 bookings for the pickup truck within the week of its first appearance.

The company hasn’t provided further updates regarding the number of bookings for the Tesla Cybertruck. However, there is a complete spreadsheet on the official website of the Tesla Cybertruck Owners Club detailing the number of bookings.

It also shows that there will be three variants of the pickup truck, primarily categorized based on the number of motors used. There will be single, double, and tri-motor variants of the Cybertruck.

If we were to believe the sources, then the price for the three trims would be around $40,000 for the single motor, $50,000 for the double motor, and $70,000 for the tri-motor powertrain models.

Around 17% of the customers booked single motor Cybertruck while the rest are divided among double, and tri-motor bookings with one percent lead for the dual motor.

However, Tesla is yet to confirm these figures. It’s an unofficial report on the number of pre-bookings, but I will not be surprised if the numbers turn out to be authentic.

It’s even possible that the official number of bookings might be close to 600,000, because, why not?

Tesla Cybertruck is a feature-packed machine. The single motor variant of Cybertruck has an estimated range of 250+ miles, dual-motor variant has a range of 300+ miles, and the tri-motor variant can do 500+ miles on a single charge.

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