Is Your WiFi Router Vulnerable To Hackers? How to Check?


home_router hackingShort Bytes: According to a recent research, most home WiFi routers have multiple security loopholes. Here are common steps to check if your home router is vulnerable to the notorious hackers or not. These basic steps will serve as checkpoints to keep a regular check over your home router. Use these steps to avoid further and future trouble. 

Home wireless routers are used by common people to connect to the Internet in their homes. The news of home routers being sold with security vulnerability patches has resurfaced again as the analysis of 20 high-selling routers by the WSJ found that 50% devices had security weaknesses.

Hackers can target this important gadget of your home and steal sensitive data sent over your internet connection. The research also tells that devices from renowned brands like Belkin, Linksys and Netgear were all being sold with outdated firmware.

These home routers are becoming an increasingly popular high target for hackers. Many security loopholes have been found in a home router supplied to the users reveal the carelessness of the router supplying company.

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Some of these carelessnesses that should be checked are as follows:

  • Not properly documenting the security weakness of the router
  • Do not prompt users to check for software upgrades during the initial installation process
  • Do not providing communication in any form to a user to update the router available online.
  • Routers loaded with the outdated software.
  • Subsequent versions of software upgrades, sometimes, do not provide proper security
  • Ease of upgrading the firmware is not that easy
  • Router uses the default username and password and sometimes, even does not prompt users to reset the old password.
  • Remote login was enabled by default, which is a security risk.

These outdated and passive versions of routers are an easy target for the hackers to steal sensitive information that users send over their home Internet connections.

Even encrypted data can be subject to theft in some scenarios. In these scenarios, make the above-listed security points as your router health checkpoints and from time to time testing against these checkpoints should keep you updated.

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