Your WhatsApp Web and Mobile Apps are Having Bugs

whatsapp web app bugs crash
whatsapp web app bugs crash


Last week WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, came to web as WhatsApp Web, but it needs lots of improvements.

An independent 17-year old security researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan found two security holes in WhatsApp Web bug and it exposes user’s privacy. First bug is called WhatsApp photo privacy bug and the second one is WhatsApp Web photo sync bug.

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WhatsApp Photo Privacy Bug:

According to him, WhatsApp Web allows you to see anyone’s profile even when that person isn’t in your contact list. Even if the user has set the profile picture privacy to “contacts only,” you can view that person’s profile pic.

Watch the demonstration in the video below:

WhatsApp Web and Mobile App Photo Sync Bug:

The second bug is related to WhatsApp Web’s photo syncing abilities. Whenever you delete a picture that was sent via WhatsApp mobile version, the picture appears blurred in WhatsApp and can’t be viewed.

But, things are a bit buggy in WhatsApp Web. Even after deleting the picture from WhatsApp mobile, the picture can be still viewed via WhatsApp Web. This points out the fact that mobile and web version aren’t synced properly.

Watch the demonstration in the video below:

WhatsApp’s web client is just a few days old and such bugs are expected to be detected. We hope that WhatsApp will fix these errors pretty soon and improve the user experience.

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