Researchers Develop A Faster And Low-Power 5G Network For IoT Devices

mmx network 5g
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IoT devices are growing in number by the day and the contemporary Wi-Fi and cellular networks aren’t efficient at sustaining the increasing number of devices. According to a study, there will be as many as 75 billion IoT devices by 2025 and we need a faster and power-efficient network to make them work.

Enter researchers from the University of Waterloo, who have developed a new millimeter wave (mmWave) network for high-speed wireless connectivity. The upcoming 5G network is based on mmWave technology but the hardware needed to deploy it is expensive and also consumes a lot of power. The shortcomings of 5G network make it impractical to use it in IoT devices.

The new network developed by the researchers dubbed mmX brings higher bitrate than WiFi and Bluetooth. It also reduces power consumption and cost of deployment of a mmWave network in IoT devices.

mmx Fast network
Multiple mmX’s nodes transmit their data to a single AP. The figure also shows custom designed mmX’s IoT.
nodes and AP.

The researchers also compared mmX with the other mmWave platforms and wireless systems to prove that it is indeed faster and power efficient.

mmx network
Source: ACM Digital Library

Ali Abedi, a postdoctoral fellow at the Cheriton School of Computer Science says, “It [mmX] can also be used in applications, such as virtual reality, autonomous cars, data centers, and wireless cellular networks.”

mmX could be used with all the existing devices that are compatible with contemporary WiFi.

He also adds, “Autonomous cars are also going to use a huge number of sensors in them which will be connected through wire; now you can make all of them wireless and more reliable.”

You can read the complete research paper here.

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