Watching NSFW Sites? Microsoft Edge May Automatically Turn On Incognito Mode

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Browsing Mode Switching
Probably, this new Microsoft patent is what many people might have secretly wanted for years. Titled “Automation of Browsing Mode Switching,” the patent details a feature that could allow a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, to turn on Private Mode automatically when it detects an “objectionable” website being browsed.

Almost every web browser comes with an extra mode called Incognito or Private mode. But at times when it’s needed the most, users forget to turn it on. And the rest becomes history.

What’s important to think here is how Microsoft Edge would determine whether a website is NSFW, and automatic mode switching needs to happen. Probably, by monitoring a person’s browsing activity all the time or verifying website domains against the database in the cloud which might make people a little uncomfortable.


However, the scope of the domains isn’t limited to special content, but websites containing people’s medical information or some other sensitive data also require private browsing mode to be enabled.

Anyways, it’s unclear if Microsoft would actually build such feature. But if it arrives, it might give Edge a slight edge over other web browsers. This patent also reminds of an Arduino projects which automatically shuts the door when Incognito mode is turned on.

You can read more about the patent using this link.

via MSPUser

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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