10 Things You Missed At The Made By Google Event

Made by Google event
Image: Google

The Made By Google Pixel event has wrapped up. Google launched the Pixel 7 lineup, Pixel Watch, and introduced the new Pixel Tablet. However, there was more to the event than just new hardware. Here are 10 things that you missed at the Pixel 7 launch event.

Starting with the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the company has taken the final steps to complete the Google ecosystem. The company now offers phones, Chromebooks, earbuds, a smartwatch, and a tablet. It is almost at par with the Apple ecosystem in terms of variety and could make an Android user’s paradise if it nails the implementation.

Here are 10 things that Google talked about at the Made By Google event but listeners probably missed.

Things you missed at the Pixel 7 launch

1. “It’s all coming together”

If you watch the event stream from the start, there’s a band playing at the stage, showing off several ‘Made By Google’ goodies. At 11:37, the video fades, and the words “it’s all coming together” pop up on the screen. This isn’t just a random line but Google flaunting the coming together of the Google ecosystem.

We’ve had the Apple and Samsung ecosystems for a while now, but Google is special. The company practically makes and maintains Android, gives a 5-year security update for its devices, and is one of the best choices for those who want a stock Android experience.

2. Made By Google VPN


Nobody saw this coming. While there were unboxing and hands-on leaks of the Pixel 7 and the Pixel Watch, there was nothing about a Google VPN. The company says that it will give a free Made By Google VPN with the Pixel 7 devices. This is a step in the privacy direction from Google and is probably done to compete with Apple’s Private Relay that comes with iCloud+.

Here are some more details about the Made By Google VPN, how Pixel buyers will save a lot of money, and how other users can subscribe to the service.

3. Pixel Tablet stand

The Pixel Tablet is exactly what many thought it to be when it was first teased at Google I/O, a giant Nest device with a screen. Google has been optimizing Android for big screens for a while now, and that should show in the Pixel Tablet. To complete the Nest experience, Google introduced a stand/dock for the Pixel tablet to keep it charged and ready for use.

4. Exclusive Google Photos features on Pixel

Pixel devices are the first to get new features, and this time too, there are some exclusives coming to the lineup. Pixel phones will receive some cool new features on the Google Photos app. One of these is a tool to fix blurred photos. It means Pixel users will be able to unblur older photos to bring back some memories into focus.

5. New ringtones

9To5Google first noted this feature. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro come with a whole new suite of sounds, including ringtones and notification sounds. The new tones are themed ‘Natural Elements’ and offer a whole new approach from the previous retro and electronic-inspired tones. For instance, the ringtone pack includes sounds of chimes on a windy day, crickets, and chorded instruments. These tones will also roll out for older Pixel phones via the Sounds app update.

6. Pixel 7 Pro Ultrawide macro focus

The Pixel 7 Pro cameras are indeed the best of Google so far. The company showcased that the Pixel 7 Pro has a bigger ultrawide sensor than the Pixel 7. This means users can take macro shots from the ultrawide camera, capturing a bigger picture with more details. Google claims that the Pixel 7 Pro’s ultrawide camera can photograph raindrops in macro focus, which is a tall order.

7. Inclusive cameras

This is a good feature for people who prefer natural looking photos. Google has worked on refining the cameras to preserve skin tones better. It means Pixel users will be able to get more realistic and accurate shots, irrespective of their skin tone and color.

8. 5 years of security updates

It isn’t a new announcement, but Android getting 5 years of support brings it closer to iOS’s 5-year-update cycle. While the Android updates will come for 3 years only, Google promises Pixel feature drops and security updates for 5 years, which makes the Pixel phones a sweet deal at the $599 starting price.

9. Three months YouTube Premium and six months Fitbit Premium for free

youtube-premium-ad free

Google has an enticing offer for the Pixel Watch buyers. The Made By Google, fitted with FitBit watch will bring users 3 months of YouTube Premium and six months of Fitbit premium for free.

10. No free Fitbit premium for life

Just like Apple Fitness+, Google offers a taste of Fitbit premium for free. While users get 6 months of free premium, they’ll have to pay up for the subscription after the trial is over. Fitbit premium starts currently offers a $9.99 monthly plan and a $79.99 annual plan.

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