What is VPN By Google Coming To Pixel 7 And 7 Pro?


The Pixel 7 lineup launched yesterday alongside Pixel Watch and a teaser for a Google Pixel Tablet. Google kept the pricing of the smartphones pretty modest – especially if you compare it with the iPhone 14 lineup pricing. Apart from the modest pricing, there is one more goodie waiting for all the Pixel 7 buyers. They will get access to Google VPN service (VPN By Google) without any added cost.

Usually, VPN services cost around $40-$50 for an annual subscription. But if you buy the new Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro, you will get a VPN designed and maintained by Google without paying a dime. Sadly, this offer doesn’t extend to the older Pixel 6 lineup.

Google VPN: Is it any good?

Google offers its VPN service along with the Google One plan. You get 2TB cloud storage, some other perks, and Google VPN for a monthly subscription cost of $10. Clearly, it isn’t meant for everyone, as very few would actually need such massive cloud storage. In addition, it isn’t available as a standalone product. So, you cannot purchase and use it without buying Google One subscription.

But Pixel 7 and 7 Pro users don’t have to spend even a cent to use the VPN service. The feature will soon become available to the proud owners of new Pixel phones. Make note that Google VPN is available in select countries, and you may not get access to it unless you live in one of the counties on the list.

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Pixel 7 launched in Indian but Indian users won’t be able to use the VPN feature because India isn’t on the list of eligible countries. But the company may open doors for accessing the VPN in the coming month, considering it launched the phone in the country.

Google VPN might sound like a great deal but remember that it is a product of Google. There are many third-party VPN companies that promise better infrastructure and security and have been officially audited. But if you don’t want to spend money on a VPN and trust Google with your data, use their VPN.

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