Walmart Is Planning Its Own Gaming Streaming Service: Report

Walmart game streaming service
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Google recently entered the $140 billion gaming industry by launching Stadia, a cloud-gaming service. The company garnered a lot of attention from tech enthusiasts as it showcased the service that supports 4K resolutions and gaming at 60fps. Now, reports have emerged that Walmart is also planning to launch its own cloud gaming service to compete with Stadia.

USGamer has reported that the retail giant has been working with several game developers and publishers for several months to bring to fruition its plans to launch a game streaming service.

Several sources who wish to remain anonymous have confirmed to USGamer that the company is looking forward to plunging into the gaming field.

We do not have any concrete details about Walmart’s plans, but even if the company has such a plan on the cards, it will take a while.

From Google’s announcement of Stadia, we learned that data centers are a core part of a cloud gaming service. Exploring the possibilities, Walmart also has a data center in Caverna, Missouri, and the company possesses more than 460 trillion bytes of data. More data centers need to be established if the company needs to compete with the likes of Stadia and other game streaming services.

Walmart isn’t the only company that is planning to board this bandwagon; Nvidia, Sony, Microsoft, and Amazon have also been touted to bring forth their own game streaming services.

What do you make of Walmart’s plans? Would the company be able to succeed in this unknown field? Share your views in the comments and keep reading Fossbytes.

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