Lisperati1000: Raspberry Pi-Based Ultra-Compact Device For Programming

Lisperati1000: Raspberry Pi-Based Ultra-Compact Device For Programming

If you’re a programmer, you might have once wished for having a portable computer with a lightweight editor solely designed for programming.

If so, then Lisperati100 by Conrad Barski might interest you very well as it is developed to fulfill the same purpose. Lisperati1000 is an ultra-compact computer specially made for one of the oldest programming languages Lisp.

Since it’s powered by a cheap and 512MB RAM Raspberry Pi Zero W single-board computer (SBC) featuring Debian GNU/Linux-based Raspberry Pi OS Lite, it might also support coding in other programming languages.

Lisperati1000 features an 8.8-inch 1920×480 pixel ultra-widescreen display with a full-sized mechanical keyboard, which is only about 40% in size of a typical keyboard since it does not contains unnecessary keys.

Speaking of power capability, it comes with two 4400mAh batteries. Furthermore, all components of Lisperati1000 are housed within a sleek 3D-printed enclosure.

Unfortunately, Lisperati1000 computer is not currently available to buy for the public because Conrad Barski initially planned for building only three units of it for personal use.

But the good news is after the high interest and demand, he has now decided to fund a project to release Lisperati100 as a kit for everyone.

Also, instead of a 3D printed case, the production version might have a premium machined aluminum case.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing this Raspberry Pi-based compact machine, you need to wait for months for further information.

However, if you want to build the same on your own, you can assemble the required parts and follow Conrad Barski’s Twitter handle for getting instructions and STL files, which he’ll share soon.

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