Netflix Is Reportedly Testing Cheaper Mobile-Only Subscription In India

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Although Netflix is pretty popular in India among other countries, its not-so-cheap subscription plans can be a deal-breaker for many users. To solve this and attract more users in India, the video streaming service seems to have a solution.

According to a report by the Economic Times, Netflix is in the testing phase of a cheaper new mobile-only subscription plan. However, the new plan is being tested for select users only.

The new plan is priced at Rs 250 (per month) which is half the price of the existing base plan in the country, costing Rs 500 per month.

The plan allows users to view online content in Standard Definition (SD) on a single mobile or tablet screen at a time.

For those who don’t know, currently, Netflix offers three plans in India; the Basic Rs 500 plan, the Standard Rs 650 plan, and the Premium Rs 800 plan depending upon the quality and number of screens allowed.

Netflix confirmed the testing via a statement to the Economic Times and has suggested that it is testing a cheaper subscription plan for some users in particular countries.

It is further suggested that Netflix could restrict its inexpensive plans to the testing phase only and not release it at all. But we would definitely like to see one.

To recall, Netflix had previously released a cheaper pack for users in Malaysia and other countries back in November last year.

Even if the subscription plan is released for all, it will remain expensive in comparison with other subscription platforms such as Amazon Prime (Rs 129/month), Hotstar (Rs 199/month), and more.

However, it could still be beneficial for Netflix lovers in India.

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