New “Screen Mirroring” Feature Spotted On Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Screen Mirroring Android

Facebook is trying to make Messenger a lot more than just an instant messaging app – more of a Skype alternative. The social network could bring a new screen mirroring feature to the messaging app, allowing users to share their phone’s content with their Facebook friends.

The said feature labeled as “Share Your Screen Together” was spotted by reverse-engineering enthusiast Jane Manchun Wong in the Messenger app’s code. Facebook has added a button on the Audio/Video call screen that lets people use the screen sharing feature.

According to Wong, who tried it on her Android phone, the camera gets turned off when the Screen Share feature is enabled. Everyone else in the chat is able to see the screen. However, the feature will only work if the user has granted screen sharing permissions.

It remains to be seen exactly when Facebook rolls out its new screen sharing feature to the masses. There is always uncertainty about the release of such experimental features.

I think it would be safe to assume that screen sharing feature could be Facebook’s attempt to make Messenger an alternative to Skype which already supports screen mirroring on smartphones. However, Facebook is yet to add options that let the user on the other side of the chat to control the shared screen.

Anyway, in the end, it’s the users who get to taste all the good things, although, not always.

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