PUBG Mobile Bringing 6-hour Per Day Limit In India: Report

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PUBG Mobile has been under scrutiny in India for all the controversies that happened due to the game, and a possible ban is underway. Trying to cope with this, the game is reportedly testing user limits on the app.

As spotted by various users, the PUBG app is popping up a health disclaimer which limits users from playing the game after six hours.

The disclaimer reads, “You’ve played the game for 6 hours today,” and users can resume playing the game at 5:30 am the following day.

Additionally, the app asks users whether or not he or she is 18 years of age, implying that users under that age could have a different set of limits.

While PUBG has not made the usage limit official, several users have claimed to have received an alert message. Here are all the tweets hinting at the feature’s arrival pretty soon:

For those who have forgotten, various students (around 18) were arrested in Gujarat for playing PUBG, following a ban imposed on the game in the state.

The ban (which could extend all over India) was due to various cases of deaths, theft, and more happening in the country due to the game.

The feature to limit game usage seems like a good idea as it would mean fewer hours in the game for other productive hours. This could also result in the upliftment of the ban, proving a win-win for both PUBG Mobile and players.

What are your thoughts on this newly imposed play limit? Comment below.

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