VRChat Bans Mods And Creates Chaos In The Metaverse

VRChat Bans Mods And Creates Chaos In The Metaverse
Image: VRChat

VR chat is an online platform that allows users to interact virtually with others. With its 3d avatars, it is currently the closest thing to the futuristic visions of Meta’s ‘Metaverse.’ However, after the latest update announcement, the application has gone into complete chaos.

According to reports, the latest security update will disable all user modifications. The app allowed creative liberty to its users while designing their 3d avatars. However, as per users, the security update will make the creativity and functionality of the app quite tricky.

VRChat causes chaos in the metaverse

Firstly, The VRChat community has reacted to the company’s poor choices by review bombing them on Steam. The negative reviews result from their addition to the EAC system and ban on mods. However, the company asserts that they are just making adjustments to stop players from ruining their game from within and to prevent harmful content from entering their Metaverse.

Although this might be the case, VRChat Inc. refuses to acknowledge its significant adverse effects on the community. Many accessibility features will be removed from the game, and mods will be removed entirely. And the response from the community is not a great one.

There are too many complaints on the official VRChat discord server to keep up with. Unofficial VRChat modding and “erotic role-playing” servers are preparing workarounds or devastation of their communities in response to the new security features. People with impairments are begging VRChat not to apply the security update.

For instance, a VRChat user explained the difficulties an impaired user will face. According to him, the VR-CC mod, which adds subtitles to movies in VRChat, allows people with hearing disabilities to watch movies virtually with their friends. And the company has done nothing to address the accessibility gaps.

Lastly, Users voicing their complaints on discord are being banned from VRChat’s official discord. Some users on discord are even accusing VRChat of setting up a ‘police state.’ And others say that only perverts will care about this change. What are your thoughts on the security update? Comment down below.

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