Microsoft’s New Patent Will Let You Communicate With Others In 3D

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Microsoft describes it as a tele-immersive collaboration system that enables real-time interaction between two or more participants who are located at different geographical locations. The patent titled “Providing a tele-immersive experience using a mirror metaphor” was filed in March 2017 and published by USPTO last week.

Microsoft calls it a system that provides a simulated environment and enables real-time interaction among two or more participants who are geographically separated from each other. Even though the idea seems like a traditional video conferencing system, but it differs in its implementation.

It will provide a shared-space experience on a single display in such a manner that the first user would feel like he or she is looking through a transparent window at the second user located on the opposite side of the display.

The same process would take place for the other user(s) located at a different geographical location. All the set-ups would include a mirror functionality that would simulate a 3D virtual space that can be viewed by all the local participants.

This virtually simulated space will show other participants through the window as if they are physically present at the same place looking through a mirror.

While this concept is quite fascinating and futuristic, it has technical challenges of its own. Nevertheless, we hope that Microsoft turns it into a usable product soon enough as it would completely transform the way we communicate in the future.

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