Apple Wins 50 Patents For Motion-Based Eye Tracking Glasses

Apple Patent Eye Tracking

Apple yesterday won a patent for interactive motion-based eye tracking. The U.S Patent and Trademark Office awarded a total of 50 patents, including a leather key ring for Apple AirTag. The new motion-based eye-tracking could appear in monitors, smart glasses, and VR headsets.

Apple also patented the design for the new Apple Store in Michigan Avenue Building. It is somewhat unusual to patent a store design plan but the brand won the patent for that as well.

What is the new motion-based eye tracking?

Apple’s patented motion sensing device would track the gaze of a person. However, human eyes differ in each individual and the device will need to calibrate to new eyes each time.

PatentlyApple shared the images which reveal a rather unique approach to tracking eye movements. As per the patent design, there will be an eye-tracking device and a processing unit to understand eye movements. Moreover, the implementation areas include a monitor screen, head-mounted display, or smart glasses. Apple is yet to launch a smart glass but the possibilities of a VR headset are greater than ever.

Image: PatentlyApple

Use Case Scenarios

Motion-based eye-tracking would primarily be useful in VR headsets and smart glasses. As the user’s hands are already tied to the controllers, eye gestures can be mapped to certain quick functions like taking a screenshot. Some AR glasses already use the concept of eye tracking to adjust the screen to the user’s eye level.

More Apple Patents

Apple also won the patent for a leather keyring that will house the AirTag. Those tiny trackers launched a year back but with the new patent, Apple intends to make more money. Patents are a great way to amass royalties and the leather keyring is a necessary product to use the AirTag.

What do you think about the proposed VR glasses from Apple? Will the brand ever make smart glasses? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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