Huawei Senior Executive Relieved From Position After Criticising Tesla

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The senior executive of Huawei, Su Qing, has recently been demoted due to some controversial remarks on Tesla. Su Qing is better known as the president and chief architect of Huawei’s ADS intelligent driving product line. However, he blatantly said that Tesla is killing people and due to this serious allegation lost his position.

It all started earlier this month at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference where the executive of Huawei said that Tesla has a very high accident rate and publicity used the word killing.

According to Minews, Su Qing said, “Tesla has had a very high accident rate in the past few years, and the accident types are very similar from the killing of the first person to the most recent one. I use the word ‘killing’ in this place. It may sound serious to everyone. But think about it, when the machine enters the human society and the human symbiosis, the machine will definitely cause the accident rate.”

Today, the Chinese company confirmed that it removed Su Qing from the post of director of the intelligent driving products department. However, Su Jing will continue working in the reserve team for training and distribution.

According to Electrek, the documents were signed by the founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei.

In addition, one of the Chinese publishers, Global Times confirmed that the demotion is possibly due to the controversial remarks Su Qing made against Tesla.

Is Tesla Really Killing People?

Tesla Huawei
Image: Minews

Tesla Autopilot or the Full Self Driving can be termed as misleading as none of them makes your car fully autonomous. But then again, Tesla warns its users to always keep their hands on the steering wheel and stay alert.

Also, Tesla clearly mentions that even the FSD does not make its cars fully self-driving vehicles. It’s basically a driving assistance software with some really advanced features.

However, we can argue that calling it full self-driving is quite misleading. Meanwhile, it’s also true that Tesla’s electric cars have been involved in some controversial accidents that raised questions and doubts on the reliability of its driving assistance system.

However, without any proof or solid evidence, it’s not right to publicly criticize any organization with such strong words. Otherwise, it can backfire as it did in the case of Mr. Su Qing.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Share your views in the comments section below.

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