Valorant Pro Thinks New Leaked Agent ‘Killjoy’ Could Be A Big Mistake

Valorant Pro Thinks New Leaked Agent 'Killjoy' Could Riot's Huge Mistake

Currently, there are about 11 agents in Valorant that players are still exploring. However, recently, someone leaked the information regarding Valorant’s upcoming agent, ‘Killjoy.’

To be honest, getting a new agent in Valorant is pretty exciting. However, a lot of players are concerned regarding the overpowering abilities of the leaked agent. Also, Hiko, a professional Valorant streamer, thinks that the leaked agent ‘Killjoy’ could be Riot’s biggest mistake.

Abilities of Valorant’s Leaked Agent ‘Killjoy’

Valorant new agent Killjoy
Valorant new agent Killjoy

Valorant developers are planning to introduce six new agents in the game each year, starting with ‘Killjoy.’ According to a leak, like other Valorant agents, Killjoy also possesses four abilities i.e, Alarmbot, Turret, Nanosworm, and Lockdown.

Killjoy’s Alarmbot ability deploys a bot that “hunts down an enemy in its range.” The enemy that is caught in the range is vulnerable for a short time and takes double damage. Also, Killjoy can deploy a turret in the game that can shoot down enemies within its 180-degrees cone.

After that, we have the Nanosworm ability that allows players to throw a powerful grenade. Then, a swarm of nanobots comes out of the grenade to kill the enemy in an instant. Finally, Killoy’s Ultra is called Lockdown, which slowdowns all the enemies caught in its radius for eight seconds.

So, Killjoy’s two abilities, Nanosworm and Turret, can kill enemies without even shooting at them. And according to Hiko, these two abilities of the upcoming agent could be Riot’s biggest mistake.

Players Don’t Need ‘Another Raze’ In Valorant

When the game was in Alpha, Valorant promised that every agent’s abilities will only be there to grant tactical advantage. Developers clearly said that in Valorant “you don’t kill with abilities.”

Unfortunately, according to Hiko, Valorant already broke that promise by introducing Raze. If you’ve ever been killed by Raze’s grenades, boombot, or her ultimate, then you might know what Hiko is talking about in the video. It doesn’t matter how good you’re at shooting, if you’re in front of Raze’s ultimate, then you’re dead.

Nevertheless, what’s worse is that the developers are planning to bring another agent with the same destructive abilities, which could be frustrating for a lot of players.

Hiko clearly says that if Valorant is planning to bring more agents like Raze, then they better introduce more healers in the game as well. Also, according to him, Valorant should have agents that can use shields against destructive abilities like Raze’s ultimate.

Anyway, all the information regarding the new agent ‘Killjoy’ came from a leak. So, it’s too early to be sure about anything. It is possible that the developers are still working on the upcoming agent and its abilities will not be as deadly as they seem right now.

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