Someone Counted All The LEDs On Nothing Phone 1

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Nothing Phone 1 appeared in a lot of headlines this past month. The primary reason is the unorthodox design with the Glyph lights at the back. The company claimed that there were over 900 LEDs used for the Glyph lights design on the back of the case. We believed the number, and so did the rest of the mobile phone enthusiasts community.

But JerryRigEverything accepted the daunting task of counting the total number of LEDs etched on the backside of the Nothing Phone 1. The LED count turned out to be close to what the company claimed during promotional events.

Why did JerryRigEverything count the LEDs on Nothing Phone 1?

JerryRigEverything loves taking apart phones and putting them back together in one piece. He gave the Nothing Phone 1 exactly the same treatment and reassembled it after completing the teardown. At the end of that video, he proposed to the audience that if the video got 50,000 likes, he would count all the LEDs present on the phone. Little did he know that the viewers would smash the like button for that.

The video has 109,000 likes so far, with over a million views in just a couple of days. JerryRigEverything accepted the challenge and began counting the LEDs. He counted 486 LEDs in total. But wait? That is half of what Carl Pei’s company claimed. Soon, JerryRigEverything realized that the phone had 486 LED pairs and not single LEDs. So, doubling the count gave the actual number of LEDs present on the phone – 972 LEDs.

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The glyph notification design is surely the enticing part of the Nothing Phone 1. But apart from that, there wasn’t anything uber-special about Carl Pei’s first phone from the new brand. It has mid-range specifications which put it in direct competition with brands that are offering Snapdragon 800 series and MediaTek chipsets.

However, it could be a strategic move to test out the reception of the first phone and then slowly release more models with higher specifications. Will you prefer the Nothing Phone 1 just because of the Glyph notification design? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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