Valorant Patch 1.02 Bug: Players Spawning In Enemy Team’s Spawn Point

Valorant Patch 1.02 Bug Players Spawning In Enemy Team's Spawn Point
Credit: YouTube/Oatz

Recently, Valorant released the 1.02 Update to bring back the Competitive Mode in the game. The update also introduced other changes, including an ‘Early Surrender‘ option to make the game better. However, it looks like the recent update didn’t go well with Valorant, because the game just broke after the update.

Apparently, the 1.02 Valorant update came with a bug that spawns players in the opposing team’s spawning point. To make it more simple, some players are spawning side by side with their enemies.

Multiple Valorant players have reported this hilarious bug on Reddit. Also, a couple of videos on YouTube demonstrate how this bug is affecting the gameplay.

The Valorant game’s director, Joe Ziegler, tweeted that the devs are working hard to solve this issue. However, the bad news is that until the spawn bug is fixed, Valorant will not turn on the much-awaited Ranked Mode.

“We are actively trying to fix this and get it out as fast as possible, but will not turn on competitive until it is fixed,” said Ziegler in his tweet.

It’s indeed a sad thing that players will have to wait a little longer for the Ranked Mode. However, it’s safe to say that no player would want to play the competitive mode until Valorant gets rid of this bug.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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