Netrunner 20.01 “Twenty” Marks 20th Release Of Debian-based Linux Distro

Netrunner 20.01 Twenty releases

Celebrating its 10 year birth anniversary, the Netrunner team has released a new version v20.01. Netrunner 20.01 is codenamed “Twenty,” marking the 20th release of Netrunner Desktop OS.

Netrunner is considered one of the best Debian-based Linux distro that ships with KDE Plasma desktop environment. The latest Netrunner 20.01 updates the base Debian Linux distro with the current Debian Stable 10.3 “buster.”

What’s New In Netrunner 20.01 “Twenty”

After introducing the red colored cursor and Indigo theme in the previous Netrunner 19.08 release, Netrunner 20.01 switches to the Breeze Window decoration with polished “Indigo” theme, marking 10 years of Netrunner and the 20th release of this desktop OS.

Netrunner 20.01 includes the latest LTS version of Plasma 5.14.5 desktop environment, Firefox-ESR, and Thunderbird.

In addition to the current Debian 10 stable, Netrunner 20.01 provides the latest security updates and bug fixes.

You can also enjoy the pre-installed drop-down terminal emulator, Yakuake. However, Netrunner comes with a default Konsole terminal.

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How To Install Netrunner 20.01?

You can run Netrunner 20.01 with a minimum RAM of 1GB for desktop and 1.5GB on VirtualBox with at least 15GB of disk space.

Netrunner comes in two editions: Desktop and Core. Core edition is the minimal version of Desktop that ships with limited utility applications.

You can download the Netrunner 20.01 Desktop ISO from here. However, the core version of v20.01 will be released shortly.

If you’re already using Netrunner 19.08, you can directly upgrade to 20.01 with all the latest software updates except the new theme settings.

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