Twitter’s Annoying Auto-Crop Feature Is Officially Dead

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Social media giant Twitter just got rid of its auto-crop feature for good. That means, when posting a picture, it will appear on the news feed just as it appears before upload.

The change, which initially came out for Android and iOS, is now finally there on the platform’s web app. In other words, the image auto-crop on Twitter is officially dead.

As per Twitter’s announcement, the update is already out for everyone. However, we have noticed that some users don’t have it yet. For them, it should just be a matter of time before the change shows up.

Prior to this, Twitter used to automatically crop certain images to show them on its news feed. And, users could only view the full-sized image after clicking on the cropped version.

Since uploaders didn’t get a preview of how their picture would appear to others, it ended up becoming a grievance. Often, Twitter inappropriately cropped important parts, which resulted in the cropped version differing considerably from the original picture. This is exemplified in the images shown in this tweet.

On the viewers’ end, the auto-crop was a confusing wreck, too. Users couldn’t tell apart cropped images from uncropped images until they had already invested their time in opening the image to be sure. This caused users to occasionally miss out on viewing full-sized photos and sometimes click open an image for no reason.

Going by the aforementioned issues with the feature, it isn’t hard to guess that the decision to remove it from all avenues is a relief for many. Hopefully, Twitter learns from this and stays away from adding features that confuse its users.

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