New Steam Deck FAQ Is Live: Anti-cheat Support, SteamOS, And More

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Valve announced Steam Deck back in July, and the hype for the device is still going strong. The Nintendo switch competitor went for pre-orders in the same month and received a record-breaking 110,000 pre-orders in just an hour and a half. While Valve answered most of the questions around the device in its first FAQ, people wanted to know more about the same.

The giant has released another FAQ which is now live on the Steam Deck website. It gives us info about anti-cheat support, the specifications, and SteamOS. Here’s a roundup of the FAQ.

Steam Deck FAQ 2.0: Your Questions Answered

Some of the questions are redundant so, we’re not going to glance at every question.

1. Can you have multiple Steam accounts on one Steam Deck?

Valve did answer in the previous FAQ that your data will be synced with the library. And yes, Steam Deck will save the data and settings locally.

2. Will improvements to Proton for Steam Deck (Like Anti-cheat support) also apply to Proton on desktop?

Yes. When the latest Proton version (with anti-cheat support) hits Steam, it should be available on both Desktop Linux and SteamOS on Steam Deck.

3. Can I add and run non-Steam games through Proton

Yes. Steam Deck is a super portable Linux machine. As soon as you can add and run non-Steam games through Proton on Linux Desktop, you will be able to do the same on the console.

4. Can I play offline games on Steam Deck? If yes, how will the Console launch them?

Yes. You can play games even when you’re offline (If the game doesn’t require an internet connection to run). However, you will need a good internet connection to download games.

5. Will Steam Deck support Dual-booting?

Yes. It does! BIOS is accessible, and one can install multiple OSes. The console will also allow booting into an OS from the microSD card. The console formats SD cards to ext4.

6. Will Steam Deck support External GPUs (eGPUs)?

Sadly, there will be no eGPU support on Steam Deck.

7. Can I use Steam Deck as a PC controller?

Yes, but you cannot connect it via cable. You can use it as a PC controller by connecting it via Steam’s Remote Play option.

We’ll have to see how the input lag will fare, but it’s good to know the option is there nonetheless.

Other Questions

1. Are all the screens on different Storage variants the same?

The display specifications of all the variants are the same. However, the 512GB variant will have an anti-glare screen to keep those pesky reflections out of the way.

2. Does the headphone jack support both audio and mic?

Yes. The headphone jack will support audio output and input.

3. Is Multi-touch supported? How long is the charging cable?

For the first question, yes. The console does support 10 finger multi-touch.

The charging cable is 1.5 meters / 4.9 feet long.

If you want to know more about Steam Deck, make sure to check out our Steam Deck article and see how it could change Linux gaming.

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Source: The official Steam Deck Website

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